Why a personal website?

Are blog still a thing in 2019‽”

Published on 17.02.2019
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I am done writing the first sentence of this whole new post! — the first post in a series of — I hope a lot — of other ones, on this thing that is a personal website.

I have been thinking of creating a website for quite a while; and at that first I shared this idea with a few friends before writing this post. Every time, the idea was received in a very different way1: you can get a dubious glance with a « okay » 2, or jokes3 or even astonishment when some realise that is it possible4. This makes you really want to get stated.

Well, so… but then, what are we going to talk about ? Maybe a bit of everything. For sure, we’ll be talking about computer science, cooking, films. Maybe we’ll be talking about Frank Zappa, running, and for sure about maté and Matrix (no, not the movie). We probably won’t be talking about Nirvana5 or about petrichor 6.

By the way, if you are interested by the internals of this website, or if you want to know more about me, I’ve thrown some words here about it.

  1. In fact, this is quite funny: even if you don’t want to, just pretend that you “are going to start your own website” to some people, what they might say might surprise you. The other footers give an overview of such reactions.
  2. Something like a “🤨”.
  3. Something like “Are blog still a thing in 2019 ‽”
  4. Something else like:
    « — What site is that?
    — It’s mine.
    — Wottttt.
    — Yes.
    — Casually saying that
    […] Hahaha ; Nice! Why didn’t you use WIX [?] Or wordpress HAHA ; What’s.xyz ; Like this is your own site?
    Do you pay for it [?] »
    … and then a blast of questions.
  5. That’s not really heavenly as a music band.
  6. Although after having read its meaning, we could. 🌦